• Risk

    Smart acceptance grid management for minimizing PD.
  • Risk

    Smart acceptance grid management for minimizing PD.

Credit Risk Scoring was once a synonym of statsitical learning and data mining in business solutions and is still as relevant today as ever.
Wether creating risk scores is the point of your business such as it is for financial institution lending money to consumers and corporations or an essential aid in the all-important task of getting paid when selling products and services, a high quality predictive model can have a tremendous impact on business maximizing business opportunities while limiting the burden of unpaid bills.

Analytics Network solutions can guide you thorugh the processes with end-to-end support for the task such as:

  • Providing vertical-specific data models;
  • Pre-built and free data preparation tools, such as optimal binning of variables;
  • Multi-faceted approach to modeling letting you choose between easy automated modeling all the way up to integrated your own data-scientist-driven models;
  • Model evaluation and simulation;
  • Combining information from internal models with scores provided externally (such as credit bureau scores);
  • Decision making engines, so that cases are automatically streamlined.

Last but not least, your models can then be deployed with a few clicks, making real time decisions possible.



Fraud detection and prevention mixing business rules with machine learning and predictive analytics.


Smart acceptance grid management for minimizing PD.

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