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The explosion of connected devices is driving the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Board systems for connected cars monitored with telemetry, advanced home automation that handles climate considering our everyday habits, smart production lines that activate their maintenance: what looked like the future is already there and is entirely focused on the data generated from the objects of our daily lives.

Unfortunately, most of the solutions are designed to collect and store the data, but in the end it is what you do with the data, that really matters.

IoT Accelerator is the package of software products, consulting services and advanced analysis models that Analytics Network proposes to allow different sized companies of all industries to enable the features and smart services in its consolidated product offering.

Wether your company is already managing these new data streams or must begin to imagine how to do it, IoT Accelerator can support you to speed up the design and implementation of these innovative initiatives.



Predictive Maintenance for the Industry 4.0


Reducing Warranty Claims


Smarter Products with Intelligent Feedback Loop

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