• Customer Analytics

  • Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics is the science behind knowing your customers, understanding their attitudes and needs and anticipating their actions.
Approaches that include customer segmentation, propensity modeling, trend visualization and information management in marketing used to be competitive advantages – today they are absolute necessities and, in some industries at least, the backbone of marketing activities.

As customers are more and more connected, active, and reactive, there is a massive growth in opportunities and knowledge waiting to be understood and used – and companies must do so before competitors are able to leverage this wealth of information, as customers are increasingly able to take decisions quickly and autonomously, not to mention their growing levels of awareness on products and services.

Lifestyle choices, living habits, buying patterns and needs, attitudes and preferences all count when predicting future actions.
It’s all about getting the right information to the right people at the right moment, and customer analytics enables just that.

So what does it take to create a rewarding customer analytics experience?

  • Technology, the correct machine learning algorithms and robust production environments are the key to unleashing the power of analytics;
  • Industry knowledge in both business stakeholders and data scientists;
  • Appropriate, precise methodological approaches.

Analytics Network is able to leverage its experience in a variety of fields to lead any organization in fulfilling customer analytics journeys either by delivering full applications or by joining forces with its customers, providing the necessary insights and know-how whether for technological or analytical gaps.



Laser focus marketing for maximizing conversion rate while minimizing costs.


“People like you” based targeting.


Proactive alert to your CRM system for high risk churners.


Accurate forecasting to manage and respond demand volatility.

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